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"THE SECRET LIFE OF CARLOS CASTANEDA": First complete biography of Carlos Castaneda

20 years after his death Carlos Castaneda remained "a riddle wrapped in a mystery within an enigma...". Until today.

It sold more than 27 million books in 17 languages. He revolutionized the culture of the 60s, 70s and 80s with his saga about don Juan Matus, becoming the most famous anthropologist in the world. But he did not allow himself to be photographed or recorded and gave few interviews... apparently.

He inspired John Lennon, Oliver Stone, George Lucas, Jim Morrison, David Lynch, Federico Fellini, Larry and Andy Wachowski, J. J. Abrams, etc. We still hum songs inspired by him today. And his books, ideas and name constantly reappear in films and series such as Matrix, Star Wars, Fringe, True Detective, Lost, The X Files, The Simpsons, etc. The mark he left on culture, mysticism and mystery is indelible and continues to evolve.

Time magazine defined him as the godfather of the New Age, but he did much more. He founded a new system of thought, a religion professed by millions of followers around the world: Toltec Neo-Nahualism. With their schisms, heretics and dogmas. And today, in the 21st century, many imitators are trying to appropriate the legacy of Nahual Carlos Castaneda. Even by resorting to counterfeiting.

Manuel Carballal met Castaneda and his witches personally in 1994, and followed their teachings for years, studying shamanism on four continents.

Today, after interviewing Castaneda's family, friends and colleagues and his witches in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, the US, etc. and tracing the school, church, UCLA, CIA, government and military records etc., he gathers all the pieces and completes the Castaneda puzzle for the first time.

Not only does it put a name and face on don Juan Matus, don Genaro, La Gorda and other characters of the saga, but it also forces us to rethink our beliefs and question the academic and editorial system.

The result of the first complete biography of Carlos Castaneda and his world is overwhelming and terrifying...

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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Russia: Grave of American author Carlos Castaneda allegedly found in Omsk

A cemetery grounds keeper at a cemetary in the Siberian city of Omsk claimed that he has found the grave of best-selling American author and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, Monday.
The tombstone of the mysterious grave contains no titles, names or dates, only a monochrome portrait of the writer. It was unexpectedly uncovered in the Old North Cemetery by the grounds keeper Nikita Poznyakov. He thought that the portrait on the tombstone “seemed familiar”, which led him to look it up online. The cemetery worker is now convinced that the grave in Omsk is indeed Castanenda’s last resting place.
SOT Nikita Pozdnyakov, Cemetery Keeper (Russian): “My responsibilities involve walking around the cemetery all day long. One day I was passing by this tomb and the face on the portrait seemed familiar to me and I thought, “he looks like Carlos Castaneda”. I found the photo on the Internet to make sure and returned to the place again. And indeed it was him.”
SOT Nikita Pozdnyakov, Cemetery Keeper (Russian): “There was a fire in 2003, the cemetery administration building was completely burnt. All the documents including the record book of the graveyard were lost. So there is no opportunity now to find out whose tomb it is in fact.”