lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Russia: Grave of American author Carlos Castaneda allegedly found in Omsk

A cemetery grounds keeper at a cemetary in the Siberian city of Omsk claimed that he has found the grave of best-selling American author and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, Monday.
The tombstone of the mysterious grave contains no titles, names or dates, only a monochrome portrait of the writer. It was unexpectedly uncovered in the Old North Cemetery by the grounds keeper Nikita Poznyakov. He thought that the portrait on the tombstone “seemed familiar”, which led him to look it up online. The cemetery worker is now convinced that the grave in Omsk is indeed Castanenda’s last resting place.
SOT Nikita Pozdnyakov, Cemetery Keeper (Russian): “My responsibilities involve walking around the cemetery all day long. One day I was passing by this tomb and the face on the portrait seemed familiar to me and I thought, “he looks like Carlos Castaneda”. I found the photo on the Internet to make sure and returned to the place again. And indeed it was him.”
SOT Nikita Pozdnyakov, Cemetery Keeper (Russian): “There was a fire in 2003, the cemetery administration building was completely burnt. All the documents including the record book of the graveyard were lost. So there is no opportunity now to find out whose tomb it is in fact.”

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